Monday, May 5, 2008

Murder Mystery

I'm just reading a book called The Reckoning by Charles Nicholl, about the murder of the Elizabethan playwright and poet Christopher Marlowe. I bought it at The Globe Theatre, the reconstruction of Shakespeare's Globe on London's south bank. I was browsing in the shop, and heard a couple from California discussing it. I fell into conversation with them. As I grew up in the area where Marlowe died, my interest was sparked anew, and I bought the book.
There have been rumours and stories surrounding his death since it happened in 1593. Some say that he wasn't killed, but disappeared following activities as a spy. The men who were with him, one of whom stabbed him through the eye, were all involved in shady activities themselves, as conmen and confidential informants. One was even involved in the Babington Plot, the plot in which Mary Queen of Scots aimed to have Elizabeth murdered and take the throne. It lead to Mary's execution.
I'm only 70 pages in, but I'm really gripped by the deep research the author has done to open up this 400-year-old mystery.
My recommendation? Go over to Amazon and order it now!

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I'm a huge fan of the Sweeney Todd legend. Is there anything on Fleet Street that makes mention of where--if it had existed--Mrs. Lovett's Pie Shop, or Sweeney's Tonsorial Parlor might have been?