Friday, May 16, 2008

Chris Matthews Slaps Down Right Wing Barking Head

Let's hope in this election cycle, people with brains and a grasp of history start confronting idiot America and its poisonous, baseless and fact bereft rantings!


val said...

Why don't they stop the fuck shouting over each other. What piss-poor broadcasting technique.

Boston_Betty said...

This is what politics have become in America under the Bush party; you don't have to be right, truthful or back up your points with facts, just yell over the other guy until they throw up their arms and walk away. Why do you think this country is so divided and in such a deplorable state?

The Rug Goth said...

Oh, its not new or unique to Bush. Politics has long been a contact sport. I'm just old enough to remember the hippies vs. the traditionalist Colonel Neidermeyer types.

At least we settle it with elections and dueling soundbites now, unlike the guns used earlier in our democracy.

For all its high ideals, our nation's political culture has always been very low brow.

Can't stand to listen to the shouters myself... would rather stick my head in the john and give myself a swirlie, so didn't watch the vid.

Just Catie said...

Yes, shouting makes me turn my ears off. I just start making fun of their hair and their ties. So, I guess they have suceeded in dumbing us down.