Thursday, April 9, 2009

YELP! Doesn't WANT to be Political!

Got this eMail from Yelp! today. Screw them!

Hi there, I'm writing to let you know that we decided to remove your review of Evanston Century 12 & Cinearts 6 after it was flagged by the Yelp community. It is undoubtedly a controversial issue for a business or one of its employees to take a stand on Proposition 8. While we encourage you to exercise your free speech rights with respect to this issue, consumer reviews are not the place to do it.

As our review guidelines state: "Reviews aren't the place for rants about a business's employment practices, political ideologies, or other matters that don't address the core of the normal customer experience." We trust you recognize that our decision impacts both sides of this debate equally, and that our policy has been in place long before this issue emerged.

Regards,CeciliaYelp User Support

So consumerism has nothing to do with service/product provider politics? Since when?!



val said...

Since the fascists decided it was so.

Boston_Betty said...'s okay for business CEOs to take political stands, but not the patrons of their businesses?

Fuck yelp! Snark, do you mind if I post this letter on Daily KOs?

SnarkAngel said...

Be my guest, Betty!

Boston_Betty said...

Robert, Sorry we missed your birthday the other day. Can you send your address to me please?