Wednesday, April 1, 2009

For Val: "Avenues and Alleyways" by Tony Christie

I first heard this song as the opening music for a European based television show called The Protectors with Robert Vaughn (Man from Uncle) the timelessly elegant Nyree Dawn Porter and the late Tony Anholt, whom I had such a crush on when he played 'Tony Verdeschi' in Space: 1999.

Actually, here's the opening of the show, The idea who the bald dude at the very end is. He was not part of the cast.

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val said...

I'm told Tony Christie is just as good a crooner as her ever was - he got a big tour after Amarillo was used in a comedy show over here a couple of years ago, and it went to number one on re-release!

Gotta love the shirt...

Ah, Nyree Dawn Porter. The Forsyte Saga. The BBC's biggest ever mistake (they made it in b&w when just about to embark on colour broadcasting, and when most of the world they wanted to sell it to already had colour.)

The Protectors was compulsory viewing. I can't remember a thing about it!