Monday, April 27, 2009

the Adelphi Theatre

This just plain sucks!

Thanks Alderman 49, or rather Aldercritter 49, Joe Moore, Cretin, KaChing to you campaign warchest! Always have your finger on what really counts


SnarkAngel said...

Sad, but true, developers and politicians in the city of Chicago have always had a more than "symbiotic" relationship. Yes, Joe sucks, but so do most of his counterparts.

val said...

It makes me so angry. A building near me which was a couple of hundred years old was recently torn down to put up a shops-and-flats complex to match the crud next door. Money seems short there too.

Luckily, a couple of other buildings have been saved because campaigners have appealed to Enlish Heritage and they have been protected as "Listed Buildings" - which means you can't even change the inside without permission.

Gunga Dean said...

And Britain has a much better systems of stopping crap like this.

There was a group actively campaigning to restore the Adelphi, even going so far as to patch the roof and perform routine maintenance on their own dime to keep its restoration viable.

But, nooooooo, Ald Joe "Fois Gras" Moore had to pay back a realtor who also was a major campaign donor. so cleared he the way for the teardown. Now it's a hole in the grounf and will probably ride out this recession as such. Maybe they can fill it with water and goldfish. or build an organic muliplex goose sanctuary, for recovering victims interuptus of fois gras husbandry.