Monday, April 20, 2009

The Kite Man

Kerry was the kite man.

Over Christmas we built a huge kite sculpture on the sands of Sanibel, and scattered his ashes around the periphery.

A sweet, gentle, poem made its way to me today. One of the Sanibel family members wrote this poem, who knew him for this passion.

"Julia had to do a poem for her English class about something "serious". She
drafted this winner on her way to the dentist Saturday
- a perfect cloudless, breezy day":

The Kite man
A rainbow of kites,
Above the beach,
People laugh,
As they watch a jungle,
One man to tame it,
Then one year,
No kites flew above the beach,
No people laughing,
No man to tame the jungle,
Now only one kits remains,
Carved from sand on the beach,
And the man,
Has flown higher,
Higher than his kites.
-Julia Spiegel


val said...

That's lovely. So poignant.

SnarkAngel said...

Definitely a "winner" of a poem. Methinks he would approve.

Boston_Betty said...

What a wonderful tribute to such a kind man.

Right Mike said...

Just beautiful

Just Catie said...

I just miss the hell out of him. If anyone could egg me on through chemo, he would have been first in line for shaving tips for my head.

Sheila said...

Children have a way of knowing things of which adults only have a foggy memory. Kerry had a majic he shared with everyone, but kids really got it. I miss him daily.