Thursday, January 4, 2007

A Sneak Peek Thru Rain or Sleet

Is anyone else disturbed by this?

Some of my best toys come through the USPS. I do not want Junior playing with them first! Crimany! I only just got my flu shot.

(The warrantless phonetapping was less bothersome. I gave up my "1-900" habits years ago.)


SnarkAngel said...

More proof that The Dubya is an asshat. While his "snoop" powers seem to be endless, I take comfort in the fact that the only thing he'll find in my mail is an endless stream of bills and a continuous supply of Vincent D'Onofrio VHS tapes and DVDs. Which reminds me . . . someone should nominate Goren & Eames to run for Pres & VP! Oh . . . that's right . . . they're fictional characters. {stomps foot}

Captain said...

It always makes me think, they never trying to stop the criminal but punish and chastise the innocent. I don't even want to see whats in my mail, could use some spicy stuff to read can we read his?