Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Gerald Ford

I always regarded President Ford as a decent man, moderate in all things, open to bipartisanship. Things lacking in today's GOP.

And I have just discovered how fair he was in attitude and ideology toward the gay community.

But the best thing that he did was to bring his wife to the forefront. Betty Ford is truly an amazing woman, a gift, if you will, to the American people. Her list of accomplishments, including her ability to bring to the table controversial issues that so cried out for visibility, is astounding.

To think, her time borrowing the presidential soapbox was so short. And yet she continued afterwards to bring forward those issues she felt needed addressing. And in so doing, she set a new standard and joined the highest echelon of greatness in First Spouses.


Mr and Mrs Right said...

I do think he was the most gracious gentleman. He would often fall down so it would seem normal as Betty floundered about. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

but when she flondered, it was always with such style and grace. Lets kick off our shoes and dance Beijing Ballet!