Sunday, January 7, 2007

Le Petite Michelle

I started out the year, listing the Malicious Ms. M. on my list of those in need of some corporal attention.

This is a nice start:

Hope she's having fun Irag'ing, and her search for the truth about the "fabricated" Jamil Hussein.

Can't wait to hear her act of contrition and retraction. Yeah right!


Mr and Mrs Right said...

Michelle is simply adorable! A woman doesn't exist who hasn't been called a bitch. The more you speak your mind the more you increase opportunities to be called a bitch. Vanity Fair was hatin' Mother Teresa for being a pushy bitch because there was a moment she didn't cradle dying lepers in her skinny little arms. Bitch is a title given to the goddess, Artemis-Diana, the goddess of the hunt. Princess Diana was named after this goddess and spend her short life being called a bitch. You gotta love a good bitch. May I suggest taking a break from the hatin' and apply some lopstick. It can help you think nice thoughts. If you're feeling angry, chances are your left gogical linear brain is becoming bogged sown and overloaded. Putting on lipstick can help rebalance your corpus colssum. Plus, you look cuter.

Spawn of Right said...

Yes, ladies and gents, it's the Spawn of the Right! Just as conservative, twice as insane! ... un, better make that a few factors of ten, actually. At any rate, they're reproducing, and you have to deal with it!

Good to finally reply to this message, it's nice to be able to post input to someone I've admired from afar. I'll admit, though, I don't see enough of you and have to go by the pictures we keep in the loo, but I make due.

I really don't understand what the fascination about little Ms. M's deal is, it looks to me like it's a simple case of messy records. Honestly, I don't know how they can be expected to keep track of a few useless police officers when there's thousands of construction contracts to make monuments to the greatness of their... oh, he's dead? Well, they still have to be signed, put into triplicate, stamped, approved, re-re-approved, shredded, buried, let sit for three monts and made into appropriate products before the information can be filed. There's too much to do! After all, how many Husseins are there in the country? Three, four? It's not like it's a common name. Really, she's hardly deserving of any attention, much less corporal.

Keep on bloggin'
-Spawn of Right