Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Meanwhile, Here On The Ranch

Of local note....

One of my favorite blogs, The Broken Heart of Rogers Park has Moore On Alderman Mooron.

I, of course, could not help but post a snarky comment. If you have ever been to the Morse Red Line El stop on a hot humid day, you will know what an aromatic treat it is. And Jarvis is no better, probably worse.

The Red Line service itself is completely broken, but this is something MoJoe can do nothing about. Its political obfuscation at it's best. The slumlords, crime barons and DevCorp North slime that keep this guy funded and in office are something truly to behold up here.

Oh, and did I mention the presumed gunfire I heard outside my window last night? Guess I live too close to the Rider Building, that home to all things that blight the neighborhood.

1 comment:

SnarkAngel said...

Time you considered becoming a TRUE "Granville Girl." A little safer, and the el stop doesn't smell nearly as bad. And once you're a Granville Girl, instead of a Rogers Park Political Perp, how could they ever suspect you of offing "Less Is Moore"?