Monday, September 29, 2008

We Are So Screwed!

And the CryBaby Republicans did it, again.

As Atrios sez: Lucy just yanked the football, again.

Thanks for all the help, Wise Ol', Experienced Man of Washington, Li'l Johnny McCain. "High-o, Silver!" You rode in on your white house to save the day. Key in William Tell Overture.

"High-O Silver, Awaaaaaaayyy!!!!!"

Sure liked how your influence cleared the way. How can you reach across party lines when you can't even influence your own assholes.

And, uh, Johnnie, How's your 401K, doin'? Oh that's right... You don't have one. Well at least your wife has some houses she can sell, if you can find them.

1 comment:

SnarkAngel said...

Wifey is gonna dump his ass ... soon as Obama is elected.