Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Debate

I think it was a tie. But I am heartened that a lot of polls show undecided's went overwhelmingly Obama.

My own biased POV...

McCain looked cranky, and would not make eye contact with Obama. There something there that Obama needs to exploit. I think it's simmering rage that McSame is barely able to contain. Make him pop and the election is yours.

McCain sounded condescending, like "Why am I debating this uppity young upstart whippersnapper?"

Obama, find the trigger phrase that'll make him pop. Cut him to the quick, if his lips are moving, he is lying. Don't readily agree with him, McCain is an erratic, unstable, moron, reciting soundbites for his next commercial.

Hit him hard: McCain = Bush, McCain(heart's)Bush

When he sez that many congressman are in jail, remind America that they are overwhelmingly Republican. And that McCain was deeply entangled himself in a financial meltdown scandal. (Can you say "Keating Five"?)

And remind America over and over that it was all these "experienced, understanding" deregulating, wise old Republican men of Washington that got us bogged down in Iraq AND this financial mess. It plays right off his condescending and pompous attitude. This is a Republican recession/depression. (Once again, they do know how to throw a GRAND OLD PARTY!). Make them own it!


Right Mike said...

I looked into Putin's eyes and i saw three letters KGB
that made my day

SnarkAngel said...

McCain came across as "grumpy, old, condescending man." I think you are right about the possibility of making McCain "pop" like an infected zit. There is a rage simmering just beneath the surface ... and it ain't pretty, Blanche.

Sharon said...

I so agree with your assessment. Right after the debate, I was feeling a little low because I thought it was a close call, but I agree that pundits seem to be giving it to Obama. Being an Arizonan, I've met McCain on two occasions and my impression on both was that he's only interested in talking to you if you have something to offer him. And, that was some 15 to 18 years ago. He also has a rather notorious bad temper, something that really scares me. Many Arizonans are very, very tired of the prison camp and maverick stories. Basically, we think he's a hothead.

Gunga Dean said...

Sharon, Good to see you here. You should post a McCain story as you already are a contributor.