Wednesday, August 27, 2008

OK - Here's One Kick Ass Mr Dem

Montana Gov Brian Schweitzer! (D!)

Give us more of this:

Who knew. We have a Wild, Wild West again!

Of course the tittering gasbags on MSNBC, CNN & I would imagine Fox talked right over this one, all the while complaining that the Dems weren't hitting McCain McSame hard enuf or how Hil would not show enuf support for Barack.

Thank God my female man-crush Rachel Maddow is getting her own show on MSNBC


SnarkAngel said...

He was a hoot, wasn't he?

Just Catie said...

I am glad you guys posted the highlights, I was up til 12:30 because that is when the old roomie decided was the proper time to start moving. That was apparently only part one and the saga continues til friday......

SnarkAngel said...

Catie, I hear that irritating ex roommates can be ground up and processed into some real fine kitty food!