Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It Is The Little Things...

...That grieve me most.

Today, Kerry's minutes on his cell phone expired.

That means it was a year ago today that I loaded up his phone with $150.00 in minutes so that he would have them available as he faced down his crisis. I figured he would need them for calls to family and friends, doctors, etc.

He only lived long enough to use $15.00 worth.

Since his passing, I have tried to use his phone whenever possible to use up the rest of these minutes. But I found this next to impossible and only went though $10.00 worth, mainly because me calling on his cell phone would spook everybody who had his number programmed into their own phones.

So the last thing I used it for was a 2 line text message last week. 2 lines for $125.00.

The cost is irrelevant, as one more piece of him slips away, and I am saddened and despondent.

One more thing to pack away, among my souveniers.

I miss him so.


SnarkAngel said...

*BIG (non-gratuitous) HUGS*

val said...

Dean, there's nothing I can say to console you. I can only wish you peace.

Just Catie said...

I too miss him almost every single day. I cannot help but hear him in my head telling me to stop whining about my chemo. I try to imagine how supportive he would have been of me and my situation and it brings me a weird sense of comfort. Big hugs.