Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Is Obama Good For The Gays?

Just because he is not bad for the gays does not make him good for the gays.

There are so many easy things he could do.

For instance, stop the military from agressively investigating and discharging gays, some kind of "stop loss", until new policy can be implemented. This has not happened.

Lift the ban on HIV immigration and travel.

Say something about recent state elections re gay marriage and civil unions.

It is true that after 8 years of the Republican scolds and prudes we are better off, but this is still not the change I voted and donated for.

Mr. President, Do something!


val said...

Sadly, there are some "minorities" (for want of a better word) that people shy away from openly speaking up for.

When I was at university, Gay Lib was a big cause on campus, and plenty of heterosexuals wore Gay Liberation Front badges. Folks got used to not judging. It was still funny to see the reaction of someone who worked at the Students' Union, though, when she heard about the impending marriage of me and my intended, John (who both wore GLF badges)!

Gunga Dean said...

'atta girl (and boy)!

Boston_Betty said...

I think Obama's feet should be held to the fire on gay issues. We were all in such a lather to get him elected (and keep John McSame and Sarah 'Mooselini' Palin out of the White House) that we nearly fell over ourselves in our exuberance to march in paradesm fundraise or canvas for him. If at the end of these four years, he's still done shit for us under the 'now's not the right time' argument, then he may see critical support from our community slip in the next election. Remember the saying I've said when writing to many Democratic candidates over the years who were less than supportive of gay issues--"I may not ever vote for a Republican...but that doesn't mean I HAVE to vote for you, either! I can either vote for the independant candidate, or just leave the fucking space blank!"

SnarkAngel said...

I'll give him a year ... then I'll start bitching! BIG TIME!

Gunga Dean said...

In a year, I may be sitting on my wallet. the Specter deal reeks to high heaven.

"I am a proud Democrat!"

"I never said I am a Democrat"


Gunga Dean said that!!!!

Just Catie said...

I agree with snark, give him a bit of time. The repubes want to hold him to the fire now and he has barely been in office for 4 months. SHIIIIITTTTT, took the shrub and crew 8 years to make it this bad, even the best of super heros takes a bit of time to undo all that evil! Obama DID say, very early on, that he wanted to get rid of "don't ask, don't tell". Baby steps, it was one of the first issues he addressed while trying to save the country from itself, shut down Gitmo, keep the rest of the world from nuking us, and try to get the economy going.