Friday, May 22, 2009

Arianna Takes Down Rich Sanchez On Bachmann v Frank

Faux balance indeed! Arianna is so right, as usual.

On the Barney Frank / Michele Bachmann "discussion" over ACORN, Ms. Huffington sez:

But to make him the liberal Frick to Bachmann's conservative Frack is utterly ludicrous.

Come on CNN, (who I regard as the worst offenders of this "in the name of balance" crap.) This fake balance garbage has to stop. The mass mental illness infecting Republicans is not the equivalent of the mostly intelligent, rational argument offered by the Democratic Party. Rick, even if they wrote this for you to say, it doesn't mean you have to read it with a straight face. We already know Lou Dobbs is an illegal immigrant from La La Land. Lou doesn't seem to realize how cruelly unfair it is to put these two in the same rink, though, Michele, delusionally thinks she's up for the bout.

Honestly, Rick, we have better hopes for you.
Just take a look at Michele Bachmann's eyes and you know that the crazy lady beamed down from some backwards planet on borrowed transporter technology. Look at the video on the link above (can't figure out how to imbed it).

If that is, to quote Rick, "A Classic Showdown" then this is the "Battle of the Titans":

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SnarkAngel said...

Perhaps that was Rick's point: to sarcastically border on the absurd. I'd like to think so, anyway ...