Monday, February 16, 2009

A Soggy Weekend

I made it through, what K and I called our anniversary. Back in February 2001 we decided that we would call our anniversary February 13, as it was when we realized we were serious. It was also a Friday the 13th, so it fit both of our twisted sensibilities. We did not want to use Feb 14th as the collision with so many St. Valentine days would cloud the picture.

Either way, I've had a bit of emotion this weekend. I thank all my friends for putting up with me. I am grateful for all of your indulgence this past weekend. Thank you, all!

So how about a little Sarah Vaughan to commemorate it all:


SnarkAngel said...

Love the Vaughan! Love the song! Nice post, Gunga ...

SnarkAngel said...

Oh yeah ... almost forgot ... LOVE YOU, TOO! *at the risk of expressing another gratuitous display of affection ...*