Monday, February 16, 2009

No Olympics in Chicago


Here we are with corruption in all levels of government. Illinois is the laughing stock of the nation if not the world due to its stunning kleptocracy. Cook County is run by the incompetent son of a patronage rich, probably corrupt predecessor, slipped in through subterfuge in the dead of night to circumvent any inconvenience of a real election. Duh Mare' of Chicago is surrounded by felons of all sorts and as they march off to jail, Daley mouths that he is "shocked, SHOCKED" that corruption exists so near his door.

Any public work in Illinois has a wildly inflated price tag, a graft tax if you will. No work gets contracted without major, hefty donations to whichever candidate's electoral warchest. So we here in Chicago pay the highest sales tax in the nation, for the most mediocre of services.

Things get built and then fall apart within a few years due to substandard materials and construction. This is the reason we have only have 2 seasons in Chicago, winter, and construction. It ain't the weather.

So in winning the Olympics, we reward all of this. Everything will come in wildly overpriced and over budget, with no bid contracts. Daley's pals and other politically connected benefactors will get richer. Any infrastructure improvements will fall apart in a few years, and will have to be rebuilt by these same scumbags. The cycle continues.


SnarkAngel said...

... and continues ... and continues ... and continues. With a capital "C." And that stands for "CORRUPTION!"

Just Catie said...

All I can think of is think of the millions of tourists (or if you have lived in places like DC or Newport, RI you can call them terrorists) clogging our transit systems, our favorite bistros and just plain making our life hell!