Monday, February 16, 2009

Republicans; In What Alternate Universe...

Do these morons reside.

They tried to retard passage of the wildly popular Stimulus package blaming a fictional mouse. (Mickey, maybe?)

They retard progress on any scientific endeavor.

They retard progress on any any education bills, thus retarding the education of their base, who then retardedly vote against their own best interest by keeping these clowns in office.

They retard any conversation on global warming.

They retard any dialogue on the public airwaves with nonsense, obfuscating the public's right to know.

They retard the application of our Constitutional protections, where ever possible.

They retard social progress on any number of fronts, gay rights being the number one bogeyman.

They retard discourse by rewriting history, with wildly inaccurate claims of the failure of Roosevelt's New Deal, even falsely claiming that Franklin R. and the New Deal caused the Great Depression. Ahem, Roosevelt was inaugurated in 1933. Black Friday occurred in 1929 under that illustrious Republican Herbert Hoover's term of office, who famously also retarded all efforts to have the government effect any stimulus to the economy.

And they are out and proud of all these things they have retarded. They are delighted to be the party of Joe The Plumber, who isn't a plumber. Happy to be the rump party of the the white male racist backwoods of the Deep South. Happy to retard any outreach to blacks, Latinos' gays, women, et al. How retarded is that?

Is there a Planet Retard out there that has hardwired their brains, or do their tinfoil hats retard logic and reason from penetrating their atrophied cerebral cortex?


SnarkAngel said...

Love the post, Gunga. But I believe that retarded Americans, a misunderstood minority in their own right, have more insight and better instincts than the

The statements, actions, and behaviors of Republicans since Obama's landslide victory not only reek of ignorance, but an obvious and glaring willingness to embrace all that is hateful, greedy, immoral, and repugnant (no pun intended). Partisanship has rarely looked so downright ugly. How any American can identify hisself or herself with these out-of-touch, bitter, stubborn, and downright stupid extremists, is beyond me. It appears to me that they are just digging their own grave, deeper ... and deeper ... and deeper. Well ... let 'em have at it.

As my favorite nemesis, Nicole Wallace (don't cringe too much, Val!) would say, they can "bang on" all they want, but at the end of the day, stupid and desperate is still stupid and desperate.

Boston_Betty said...

They are ridiculous...just like Eric Cantor & Co. proclaiming that the 'GOP was back!' because the House GOP all voted against the stimulus...this despite the fact that the majority of Americans favor doing something, anything to hold off the impending disaster and meltdown.

I guess the GOP is too busy plotting their own return to power to bother pissing on the fire that's burning Rome...the same which may claim what's left of them if they don't snap the f*ck out of it!

Just Catie said...

They fiddle while the country burns because they all got rich so F the rest of us!