Monday, October 20, 2008

More Blather from The 'Masses of Asses.'

(Notice how calm, respectful and SANE, quite frankly, the Obama supporter is.)


Gunga Dean said...

What a disgusting steaming pile of shit these Repugs are.
Protesting a polling place? Intimidating voters?

I call that UnAmerican. And alas typical of todays Republican. Thank you John McCain for taking us to a new low.

Boston_Betty said...

Of course they're outraged to see people actually voting! North Carolina in the past was notorious for voter intimidation and I have no doubt that every time they see a young person or an African American show up to vote early, they almost know it's a vote for Obama, because not even loyal Repugs can get up the initiative to go vote early for McSame!

Gunga Dean said...
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Gunga Dean said...

Being in North Carolina, I'll bet this doesn't intimidate young, black, hispanic, or gay voters, but I'll bet it intimidates the hell out of old, black, hispanic or gay voters, who remember, no, survived, our darkest history.

These people in this video are a putrid stain on our nation's moral conscience, and a reminder of what still, after all these years of enlightenment, lurks not so deep, beneath the surface.

Bottomfeeders, feasting on the decomposing rot of our worst history, and adding their own, fresh, new layer of excrement.

SnarkAngel said...

How very "Pink Flamingos" of you, Gunga! LOL!