Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Draw


But I calls them as I sees them

She was good. Empty vessel, but good.

And Biden could not find a way to knock her out, politely.

Let me at the vacuous, simpleton, emptyheaded...

gotta quit here, too...


Boston_Betty said...

Biden did what he could...either way, if he was too rough, he would've been made to look bad. Yes, she stayed on message, but her use of 'Maverick, maverick maverick" bullshit got old pretty quick and Biden did manage to throw some cold water on her.

I think the Democrats have to hammer the bitch on her desire to continue the Vice Presidential power grab began by Dick Cheney...this is proof that McCain/Palin would indeed continue the worse policies of the Bush junta!

Just Catie said...

The one thing that drove me over the top was the fact she kept chiding Biden about looking back at the past....he should have said BECAUSE MCCAIN IS JUST 4 MORE OF THE SAME OLD TIRED SHIT AND IT IS NOT WORKING FOR THIS COUNTRY!!!!!

Boston_Betty said...

Yes Catie, and we know the Republicans NEVER look back, right? They're so full of shit and have spent the last 7 years trying to somehow blame 911 on Clinton's supposed inaction, even though Bush had been president for nearly a year before 911 and ignored the f*cking warnings he got about Al Queada attacking the U.S.. Honestly, my head almost imploded on that one!

No, I guess considering how much the GOP f*cked up in the past 8 years, I suppose they wouldn't want to look back...unless, of course, you're talking the 'golden age' of Reagan!