Saturday, October 25, 2008

Farewell Chicago - I leave thee with a riddle: When is tolerance a vice masquarding as a virtue?

Since my name in German means a "trick or a ruse" and the creature of ancient Greece most know for this was the Minotaur...

So my riddle for you to ponder. I'm not going to give an answer, nor pretend that there is even just one. However, in my nearly four years here, its the one question no one seems to ponder, the one riddle no one seems inclined to solve.

That being said, I've milked Chicago like a goat, had some fun times, met some fun people. I'll miss them, especially "my" street people. I've been honored to be a bearer of comfort, friendship, and playful papillon dogs to quite a number of them. None of them are left in the Granville neighborhood though... the people I'll most miss are the ones to whom I cannot say "goodbye." Even Sam of "Granville Foods (and formerly liquors)" who supplied my chocolate and junk food fixes is gone. He just couldn't compete with all the other grocers at this corner and make it without alcohol sales.

I've said something about the details on my other blog, no need to here. But while I'm tying up loose ends, and since I was already logged in to blogger to put a space-holder post on my rug blog, I thought I'd drop in to tell ya'll that I was dropping out. I'll be posting the same riddle on my multiply blog, so if you want to hear my thoughts on it, check there in November or December. I'll probably post it there right before I go off line for the move, and give my musings later in November or December.

Savina and Killian survived their poisoning scare... probably better than we did... and are doing well. Tess got out of the hospital last week, but of course moving is no fun. Barb is having rotator cuff surgery the day after election day... we'll be around for a while to help her recover, then we're off.

God bless, be well, machts gut, see you on the dark side of the moon, etc.

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