Friday, April 11, 2008

Leslie Jordan Speaks at Google

Some of you will recognize him as "Beverly Leslie" in Will & Grace, while others may recognize him as the serial killer taken out by Betty White on Boston Legal. His most famous role was as 'Brother Boy', the cross-dresser who thought he was Tammy Wynette in one of my favorite films, Sordid Lives. (Now if you're really old and a complete fountain of obscure and useless facts, you might also remember him as the 'angel' warning a young man that he had to register with the Selective Service upon turning 18...a commercial which Jordan believed would be short lived, but instead ran for over a decade!) I met him once while working at the ACLU booth at Market Days a couple of years ago and then saw him later that week in his one man show at the Bailiwick, Like a Dog on Linoleum. He really is an engaging speaker as well as an all around entertaining person.


Just Catie said...

He was the guest entertainer on my RSVP cruise, yes, that cruise. He is a wonderful guy and like 4'6".

val said...

He does look tiny. WOnder how big that military daddy was?

I loved him - and Betty White - in Boston Legal. Not to mention William Shatner. Outrageous performances. James Spader looks tame by comparison.