Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Great news! Snark and Catie are in the GLBTQ papers, & the best book on sex and disability has been reissued!

I submitted the pictures I took at Snark's 10th to both the Windy City Times and the Free Press. It appeared in last week's Free Press, and will be in today's WCT. I didn't realize how "explicit" the artwork at the Anvil was until I looked at the pictures afterwards. The Free Press chose to publish my "G" rated version... it will be interesting to see what decision the WCT makes.

Catie- I couldn't contact you, so I advised them both to just refer to you as "JC." And speaking of which, Tess is quite eager to meet you, so drop by one of my blogs ( and and drop me a line, or call Snark- he has all of our contact info, while I have none for you.

The best book on sex for people with disabilities has been republished! Hooray!

The only place I can find it online is at Early2Bed, Chicago's famous women owned "adult sensuality" shop... which is the place from which you should buy it anyway! The direct link to the book is here

Early2Bed's website is and if you're in Chicago, its on the far north side, near Sheridan and Foster (do yourself a favor, take the Red Line to Berwyn and walk east, or take the 147... don't try to park!)

That's it. I have no ill will or rancor towards anyone about anything... life's too busy and too short for that. But... my cup runneth over right now, soaketh the carpet, and floodeth the basement. I have so much LIFE, LIVING, and studies which which to catch up due to my protracted illness and Tess' ongoing one, I'm continuing to take a break from here, but these two bits of news seemed well worth sharing!

Haven't even- and won't anytime soon- looked at any follow up comments because I have so much bigger fish to fry (and I don't even like fish!)

If ya wanna see what I'm up to, check the blogs mentioned above, or drop by the Anvil most evenings after 8... I'm making taking the pups in there for some puppy love during their last walk part of my routine.