Friday, April 11, 2008

I Wish Sylvester Would Just Eat Tweety

And put us out of our misery, since MSNBC evidently won't!

Here's that friggin' genius journalist Chris Matthews making orange juice instead of coffee an issue against Obama, for chissakes!

Message to GE/MSNBC: What a waste of $5,000,000.00! Check out your 401K's, make some changes, and dump this blowhard.

I hear McCain puts ketchup on his peanut butter and banana sandwiches and eats Italian beef au Jus, the bloody Frenchman. Go investigate that! (It could be true, and, oh yeah, Iraq had Nucular Weapons.)


Boston_Betty said...

The guy doesn't like fucking coffee!! Can Tweety just leave it alone at that and move on? What a horse's ass...why he still has a show is beyond me!

val said...

Oh, no, I can't bowl, I must be out of touch with real people.

I know very few people who going bowling regularly, they are a really tiny minority in the UK. Send Obama or Clinton over here, and we'll have them for PM. You can have Brown.

Just Catie said...

I refuse to even think about dating a man who lists bowling as a hobby..........really??????