Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vent, or Risk Explosion

My country has gone bat shit insane.

Republicans are now out of the friggin minds. They hold the world economy hostage, until they can slash and burn away at the very things the middle class needs to survive, so that their corporate overlords can keep their bonuses.

And the Democrats, as the grown-ups in the room, caved surrendered are forced to acquiesce to this blackmail.

And the electorate keeps on voting for the Republicans, even as their way of life evaporates into the pockets of the obscenely rich. They are so afraid that "some lazy, good-for-nothing" brown person is getting more than their share, that the Gays will marry and this all will make the baby Jeebus weep. So on and evermore, they keep supporting these assholes, in direct conflict with their own best interests.

So we have jobs off-shored and outsourced, benefits whittled down to nothing, mass transit gutted, healthcare and education costs spiraling out of control; a nation where only the robber barons bourgeoisie gilded class can afford anything.

Welcome to America, 2011

UPDATE: I hear that a few Dem's called the Repug's out on their terrorist tactics. That's what terrorists do; take hostages. Well I guess this hurt the Republicans' feefees! Asshats to the end.


val said...

People have this weird idea that if they vote for the party of the privileged, the system created will somehow benefit them, and give them a leg up to the privileged classes. They do not wish to be associated with the plebs.

Happens here too, a lot.

Gunga Dean said...

I could not agree more!