Monday, August 8, 2011

Ms Crazy Eyes

Out palsies on the right are all vapors of indignation over this photo of Michele Bachmann and her crazy eyes. Christ, she probably picked out the damn photo herself. Frankly, I beg you, find me a photo or video where she doesn't look batshit insane. Go on, find one.
She looks crazy because she IS a goddamn lunatic. She just can't hide it. And that repressed closet case whackjob she married to probably doesn't help matters (though her own self-delusion about him requires a touch of insanity.) All that Jesus-Juice has diluted her blood or something, so the crazy just oozes out though her eyes.

Scary as shit! She just might get the Republican nomination, and maybe even the presidency.

FSM, have mercy on us all!

That includes you, too, poor world at large. MerKa is going through some kind of Screamin' Mimi's right now, and you know we just gotta share.

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val said...

I can't bear the thought of one of these American right-wing crazies getting elected. I might have to emigrate