Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One way or the other

I do not blame Sarah Palin for the shootings in Arizona this week, but you cannot have it both ways. You CANNOT use iconography depicting the cross hairs of a gun and claim this is "just a symbol" and is not meant to denote a suggestion of gun violence. If it was merely a symbol to point out the districts that were in need of change, an "X" can mark the spot with no extra connotations. When you choose to point a gun at someone, real or imagined, you are suggesting that you plan to use that weapon. The only use for a gun is to kill someone or something, it is not like they are multipurpose household items.

The entire country has to take a chill pill. When you use hateful words, symbols or acts to express your opinion, you are expressing hate. I disagree with almost every single Republican in this country, but the only ones I truly "hate" are Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld because I believe them to be 100% pure evil. I hate the players AND their games on that one.

When you yell "off with their heads", you are saying you want them to die and not that you would like them to wear a different sweater.....really??!???


val said...

Palin has shown herself in her true colours with her reaction to the shootings. Not a single word of sorrow for the victims, only self-pity.

Let's hope this is the end of her and her dangerous stupidity.

Boston_Betty said...

Mooselini never cares for anyone but herself.