Sunday, January 2, 2011

HSBC Challenge

I received a letter last week in a plain white window envelope telling me my credit line had been canceled due to inactivity.  However the letter had no letterhead, no account number, just a PO Box 9068 in Brandon FL and a 800 phone number.

So I did a Google search on the PO and it came up HSBC.  I had an old Household Finance line that I never used anymore due to their outrageous usery interest rate, so no big deal for me.  On a lark I Googled HSBC complaints.  Holy Shit! These people sound worse than borrowing from a loan shark.  Thank God, I got away from them without issue.

No wonder HSBC was ashamed to sign their own frickin' letter.

UPDATE:  The original letter was dated 12/18/2010.  On 1/7/2011 I received a letter dated 12/20/2010 but postmarked 1/6/2011 on Household Finance Corp letterhead with loan paid-in-full documents.  They are still major assholes.

1 comment:

val said...

The world's local bank.

They have ONE good feature - their cash machines give you your card back and enough time to put it away BEFORE churning out your money.

And that is all I know about them, apart from their sucky ads.