Sunday, December 27, 2009

Travelin' Light with a Side of Bacon In the Age of Islamic Terrorism

Islamic whackjobs have done it again. Why can't Islam as a collective whole declare these people as anathema, doomed to damnation.

And of course the FAA is already overreacting. Eventually we are going to reach the point where air travel becomes unbearably difficult, complex, irritating, and inconvenient. There will be a breaking point that people will refuse to travel by air.

I for one am already there.

Maybe we really should be required to fly naked and be forced to eat bacon and smear lard about our private regions, as Islamic whackjobs will not comply with these restrictions,

Or, we need to fix the rail system to go more places...

And carry pet pigs as carry-on's. The rail seats should be upholstered in the finest, piglet leather.

Also, I hope Abdul Farouk Abdulmutallab is convicted and sentenced to hard labor shoveling pig shit naked on a maximum security methane penal farm, and fed a strict diet of pork crisps and chittlins then returned to a cell each night fitted out in provisions made out of shoe bomber Richard Reid's smelly and unwashed gym shoes. The cholesterol alone should do him in within a couple of years. His mesh coffin containing his pork grease embalmed remains should then be interred beneath the same pig farm where the pig urine would constantly seep onto these unholy remains.

Offensive? So is Islamic (or any kind of religious) Terrorism. Let the punishment fit the crime.

And I love bacon.

And focusing my non-smoker's rage constructively, I guess.

UPDATE: Val reminds me that his islamic father did disown him and tried to alert authorities abour his son's fanaticism. That is an excellent start.


val said...

If he puts people off air travel, then he's doing his bit for controlling climate change!

Don't forget his Islamic father already disowned him.

SnarkAngel said...

I can't wait to see the new non-smoking raging maniac that you've become! Hurry home soon!

Just Catie said...

I miss the nut job myself...when do you get back? Kidding, you are not a nut job you are a loveable neurotic!