Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rachel and Ron - Real Journalism - Honest Punditry

Here is an example of what real, intelligent, well-researched, Pulitzer-worthy journalism looks like. Watch Rachel take down with those funny things called facts, a leader of the Ex-Gay/Pray-Away-The-Gay/Pillow-Beating/Man-Cuddling/Reparative Therapy frauds. (We have videos of this cretin in action here in the archives. I am just to lazy to go link to them.)

Chris Matthews, David Gregory, George Stephanopolis, et al, can only dream of being this brilliant:

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Now watch Ron Reagan, Jr take on the execrable, got-the-memo, bullshit-spitting tool, Ron Christie, as this piece of shit Christie defends the indefensible, appalling words of America's Biggest Dick, Dick Cheney.

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I don't get Cheney. If I were him I would STFU and thank my lucky stars that I'm not in jail for the very real, very treasonable act of conspiring to unmask a covert agent of the CIA, Cheney being a key participant, if not instigator, of the Valerie Plame demasking incident. There is no way to prove this but people, some of Plame's former contacts, probably died because of that heinous act, all to gain some kind of sick political revenge on Plame's husband, Joe Wilson, for daring to say the prewar with Iraq books may be cooked. So there goes Cheney being such an asshole wheezing out yet another monstrosity of an interview suggesting Obama may be a traitor to America.

Meanwhile, back in the reality based community, Obama is left with the thankless task of cleaning up the mess these repugnant Republican retards left behind.

And Christie should be glad he was not in the same room with RR,Jr. or he'd be nursing a well deserved, broken nose.

Please G_d, Could you rapture these two, Christie and Cohen, before my head explodes?


SnarkAngel said...

I LOVE it when you go all hyphen-crazy and slash-crazy!

Gunga Dean said...

2nd pot of coffee...

Just Catie said...

We have to keep in mind the fact that they are arguing not to uphold our constitution. It is aid and comfort to provide terrorists any constitutional rights. Remember, the Bushwhackers shredded that document the minute they took office!