Saturday, November 21, 2009

Senate Sits Picking Their Noses on DADT

Via AmericaBlog

The Senate hearing on "Dont Ask, Dont Tell" repeal just got postponed indefinitely. This, just days after a House committee delayed the mark up of ENDA. But the Democrats promised that ENDA would be passed this year - 40 days left! - and DADT repealed next spring. Don't hold your breath.

Funny, My donations to Democratic National Committee have been postponed as well.

The GayTM is down.

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Just Catie said...

While I rally behind my fearless leader and say he has TONS of other post Bushwhacked debacles to clean up, this is one of those things he could get rid of with a stroke of his presidential pen. That he chooses to ignore...hmmmmm

SnarkAngel said...

I signed. And I'm resigned ... to the fact that our prez, like our Senators, chooses "safety" over principles.

val said...

Unless we save the planet, everything's pointless anyway.

jazzy said...

LOL! Val, your logic is too much!