Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another Fine Fall Day

It is just glorious out today. Caught these leaves in the trees low enough to miss the frosts and yet dazzling in the sunshine.

Update: Just noticed I also took home a shoe embed of dog crap. Dammit. I am gonna follow one of these dogwalking slobs and pick up and smear their "left-behinds" on their front door windows. Assholes!


SnarkAngel said...

Smear away!!!

val said...

That takes the sunshine out of the day.

Er - why not wrap it up and put it through the door? Oh, wait, you guys don't always have letterboxes, do you? No fun!

Gunga Dean said...

Maybe if they have a letterbox, I could scoop it up and then scape it thru the letterbox. Wrapping it up sort of defeats the "learning opportunity".

Just Catie said...

I just think that wrapping it up avoids you having to touch it any further...LOL