Tuesday, March 17, 2009

To Be

The first crocus

And know you thaw

Frozen hearts


SnarkAngel said...

I always think of the evil "Mark Ford Brady" from Law & Order Criminal Intent whenever someone mentions crocuses.

Mark Brady to Eames: "You're so eager ... like my crocuses."

Eames: "We dug them all up."

Boston_Betty said...

I'll be glad when Battlestar Galactica wraps up Friday and I can start coming in again regularly on Fridays, Snark!

Also, with the weather getting nicer, we'll be inclined to go out more anyway...winter really blows!

val said...

Why don't my crocuses (croci?) ever look this good? They have long, weak stems and look bedraggled no matter what.

Just Catie said...

I cannot wait for spring it is always a good sign when the flowers come back....well, the boys are gone, and good riddance I say! Chemo is today and if I can drag my sorry ass out of the house, I may attempt a trip to the evil tomorrow night....don't hold your breath!

SnarkAngel said...

Catie, don't push yourself. Of course, I'd love to see ya, but it doesn't HAVE to be at "the evil." LOL. Just concentrate on getting through the chemo, and let go of all the other drama. And you are right -- good riddance!

Betty, looking forward to seeing you guys soon. It has been waaaaaay to long! "NOOOOOOOOOOO! STOP! STOP! NOOOOO!" LOL

Boston_Betty said...

Hi Catie,

I'm sorry about what happened with the kids--sounds like the kids and their old man deserve each other!

Concentrate on yourself and getting better, okay?

Noooooooooo! Stooopppp! Hey, no wait!!! LOL!