Sunday, March 22, 2009

Or Not

Notwats, your modern Republican Party, the party of 'NO'.

The GOP Senators voted against the targeted taxes on those AIG bonuses, because they say the law is illegal and unconstitutional. They are probably right, but this is strange logic from this group of thugs who have spent the last eight years wiping their asses with this very same constitution. This is the party that cheer leaded warrentless wiretaps, illegal detentions, and the repugnant policies of torture.

So glad they now remember those yellowing sheets called the US Contstitution in the National Archives that they've been pissing on all of these years.

Not that they could possibly comprehend the contents...

I watch Repub idiot after Repub idiot on me teevee, and they only confirm, that they have nothing to say. Nada.

Being anti-education, it appears they have now all graduated from the educational institutions they created. For awhile it was a wink and a nod thing, keep the masses as asses. "Go Ahead, Home school away!" while they snuck in their Harvard and Yale educations for themselves (admissions secured and funded through Daddy's alumni connections and endowments, no doubt. There was this "we're smarter than that, and we will do the smart thing", and nobody will be the wiser. But those people had brains and smarts and intellectual curiosity. From everything I've seen, the intelligent conservative has been branded RINO, tarred, feathered and ridden out of the "Big Tent" on a rail. (see Andrew Sullivan, Christopher Buckley, Chuck Hagel, et al.)

I used to watch them, that GOP of old, and my jaundiced eye could spot the cynical pandering; the lying hyperbole, that even they didn't buy. But now, they really do believe their own baloney. They sniff their own bullshit and honest to god it does smell to them of roses. They actually believe whatever inanities that manage to migrate up from their pea-brains and happen to spew forth from their mouths.

The new generation of shiny faced GOPpers has come of age, and they are not only anti-intellectual, they are unintellectual. They went to their own home schools.

New ideas? Yeah, right. This is a party who's very tenets state that new ideas are bad. "Mister, we could really use a man like Herbert Hoover, again..."

So they have a new crop of glassy-eyed, creepy-smiling new leaders led by such brilliant luminaries as Joe The "Horny" Plumber, who is neither Joe, nor a plumber, but evidently very horny, and Sarah "Sparkles" Palin.

And there is not a goddamn thing they can do about it.

Poetic Justice

P.S. Memo to the Sunday Talk Shows (George Stephanopolis I'm talking to you, Sir!):

Nielson or somebody did a poll this last 1st Tuesday of November. The polling showed that the American People overwhelmingly think that Republicans are stupid and ugly and we, the people, no longer care what GOPpers have to say. Stop packing the airwaves with this waste of oxygen. Show some balance, for chrissakes, and if they talk like liars or morons, call them on it, roll your eyes if that is all you've got, but make it stop!


SnarkAngel said...

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! A five-star post, Gunga!

Just Catie said...

I love the smell of damned fine indignation in the morning! It is time we all got mad as hell and told them we wouldn't take their shit any more! Oh wait, we did that. We voted the bastards out of office..........never mind.