Friday, January 2, 2009

Memo to Roland Burris

Remove yourself from consideration for the open Illinois US Senate seat.

I have 2 reasons for you to do so.

I) The next senator from Illinois must be squeaky clean. No corruption. No backroom deals, ever. I don't know if you are corrupt or not. Being an old school Chicago/Illinois pol I would suspect your cred's are less then sterling. In any event, just by accepting our disreputable Governor Blagomess's nomination, you are now tainted. It won't ever go away. And it reeks to high heaven. And then you, in humility of office, name your children after yourself: Roland & Rolanda, No ego's here.

II) From now on I demand only the brightest elected officials. I'm sick to death of those who can, doing, and those who can't, going into government. We have had demonstrably disastrous results from electing simpletons such as Preznit Bush and Gov. Blago. Also, from what I know and have seen of you over the years, I am simply underwhelmed. And now, MSNBC tells me Sen. Durbin is trying to get a hold of you but you are not responding because you do not know how to work the voice mail function on your cel phone.

I call that case closed. Let someone competent and completely beyond reproach fill the shoes of our Senator Obama. You owe us that!


Just Catie said...

I want some of what Burris is on if he thinks he has a snowballs chance in hell of actually occupying that seat.

val said...

So you are about to have a President who twice rejected a professorship that others would have killed to be offered, and some eejit is suggesting replacing him in the Senate with someone who might just be able to read?

The bar's been set higher than that now. I hope they don't manage to lower it to below Bush levels.