Thursday, January 15, 2009

Final Bush Address - Reax


Only 15 minutes!! Thank god, that's over!

He's is both a liar and delusional.

8 years of national nightmare coming to an end.

Buh Bye!


Just Catie said...

I have been screaming, "Don't let the door hit ya in the ass you idiot!" for days now. IT WILL BE GOOD TO BE ABLE TO BREATHE AGAIN!!

val said...

Could someone please explain to me how it got to be 8 years instead of just 4?

Boston_Betty said...

I didn't even watch this twat's speech! For the life of me, don't think I know of anyone that did!

Goodbye and good riddance, assh*le!

SnarkAngel said...

But he still leaves a legacy of shit ..... speaking of which, I got my two weeks notice today! No job as of February 1! Oh happy day! And to think I owe it all to W!

Just Catie said...

Oh Cotton, you will always have a home in my heart. You can come crash with Michael and me, bring the cat, Miss Kitty would love the company....LOL

This too shall pass, so maybe it passes like a kidney stone. Everything for a reason, so when doors close, windows open. At least we know it won't be the closet door!

SnarkAngel said...

Dear Catie,

I may be taking you up on that! Oh ... what a world! What a world!

Boston_Betty said...

Hey Snark,

I'm very sorry to hear that. Yes, as the prick retires to his 'lilly-white' once segregated community, the cowboy, brush clearing bullshit ends and he leaves a nation in ruins! I honestly believe every Republican in this country deserves a swift kick in the fuckin' ass--if not the teeth--for inflicting this disaster on us! At war with two countries, an economy in the trash and over 4,000 American soldiers (over 6,000 Americans, if you count those who died on his watch during 911) and he has the nerve to wander around the country telling us that his presidency wasn't all that bad! I hope there's a special place in hell for this douschebag...and anyone that voted for him!

Sharon said...