Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Best Business Letter Ever

Ah, those horrid, harried days when I was an Implementation Manager. The hours spent translating sales into products, the customer interventions, the service training, and the documentation, tons and tons of forms, agreements, manuals, and letters.

One day in a particularly daunting epistle describing the Pandora's box containing the contents of the evil forest I had to destroy to set up one favorite customer of mine...

In a profound plethora of wordsmithing, I begged, pleaded, cajoled and apologized, to a perfect conclusion, whereby I signed off:


Gunga Dean
Implementation Mangler

Out the door it went 'cos Spellcheck failed me again. It wasn't til the customer called me laughing hysterically that I had realized I had done something unique and new; imparted my own subconscious touch of irony to the...

Best Business Letter Ever!


Mr and Mrs Right said...

You mustn't forget another subconcious faux pa, where you thanked the customer for allowing you to "work him."

Gunga Dean said...

I think my closing was "Thank you for allowing me to service you."

Gunga Dean said...

And now I am ROFLMAO in a very crowded command center!