Thursday, February 3, 2011

Morse Beach In the Snowpocalypse

This was the beach a block from my house during the storm a couple of nights ago:

H/T Mountain of Evidence


val said...

I hear you guys had half a metre of snow in one go! See, your weather even made the UK news!

Hope it calms down for you soon.

Climate change? What climate change? These extreme weather events are quite normal.

And I'm the Queen of Sheba.

Gunga Dean said...

The climate change denialists go " Cold enough for you?" and "Al Gore is fat."

These numb-skulls can't get it through their wooden heads that extreme weather is more proof of climate change, and global warming.

Sometimes, it's just so hopeless as we are ruled by such deliberate idiots!

val said...

Ah, but if they didn't have so much money to lose, they wouldn't be so blind. What do they think the future will be like for their over-privileged children?