Friday, October 8, 2010

Laird Petersen - God Speed

My friend Laird Petersen passed away Wednesday night.

I will always treasure the memories of the Christmas tree decorating parties, and seeing him at Pride parades with his mother, and family.
There is a very nice write-up about him at Windy City Times.

Unfortunately, he left town before I went digital so I am pressed to find a picture of my own to post, so we will have to settle for the one at the WCT site.

He was a tireless activist, friend and inspiration to all of us who knew him.

My deepest condolences to his life partner, Joe


SnarkAngel said...

Sorry to hear of his passing, Dean. He must have had the energy of 100 advocates! A significant loss to the community, and to you personally, I'm sure.

val said...

He sounds to have been a great guy. I'm sorry the world lost him so young.

Kelly said...

We will miss him here in Richmond and we will and are keeping an eye on Joe... they both mean so much to us... thank you for commenting on my blog... you are now on my google reader... i love meeting friends of Laird and Joe...