Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just Because It's June - More From Ms. Garland

'Cos it's June with my 39th (12th anniversary thereof) birthday on the 6th, on which day we saw Judy's fabu daughter, the Magnificent Liza Minnelli; the 10th was Ms. Garland's 88th birthday, the 22th is the dark 41st anniversary of our Ms. G's death, the 24th is my Kerry's 2nd anniversary of his passing, which hovers deeply embedded in my soul. And ferchrissakes its Gay Pride Month!

So! Let's let the Judy sing a loud and fast and furious one: "Come Rain or Come Shine"! This is as close to her Carnegie Hall concert that we will ever get on film! And it is truly one of her best (watch as she she grabs and pinches herself to maintain control as she recognizes how well she is presenting this):

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