Monday, April 19, 2010

Our Next Prime Minister?

This is the man who wants us all to take part in our own government, to get involved locally, run our own schools, police forces and hospitals. I mean, people can already be on committees that govern those things, but most choose not to. They don't even vote. What planet is this man on?

And does he sound a bit whiny and moany to anyone else, or is it just my antipathy?


Gunga Dean said...

very whiny --- and whenever I hear "strongest commitment to family"... I know it's time to run for the hills. 'Cross the pond, he sounds like a Teabagger. My only hope for you is that your society is better educated than our mopes and knows a huckster when it sees one!

SnarkAngel said...

FIRST BIG PROBLEM: He has NO lips. Which means he's probably an alien from outer space. RUN!!!!!

val said...

Plus he pretends to be "green", but he's in the process of helping to increase the world's poplulation by 50%. (Baby 3 is on the way. They already had a third, which died, so they are determined to do their bit to make the planet groan under its ever-increasing population.)