Friday, June 26, 2009

Garland and Stonewall

Via an Orange Satan Diarist, Chico David RN

Actor J E Freeman, remembers Stonewall '69.

So even after 40 years, every time I hear Garland's voice sing that haunting song, I think of bluebirds and lemon drops, a fire hose and freedom.

Read the whole thing at the Chronicle.

It'll bring a tear to your eye,


SnarkAngel said...

We've come a long way in 40 years ... and to think there is still so MUCH left to fight for. This is something all of our twenty-something brothers and sisters should read about. It would be interesting to see someone make a film about this ... along the lines of "Milk."

Just Catie said...

I had a GREAT time at the parade yesterday and have to admit, the addition of barracades made the whole thing go a lot smoother. I was sad to see that there were more politicians marching then there were parade floats, but at least the crowds were informed enough to boo the right ones! In what crack induced haze did Burris think it was a good idea to be in the parade? Really??